There was definitely a disturbance in The Force when Peter Mayhew...the guy who played Chewbacca in the "Star Wars" movies...tried to catch a flight from Denver to Dallas.

Peter is 7-foot-2 and 69 years old.  Not surprisingly, getting around isn't really easy for him anymore. So he relies on his custom-made LIGHT SABER CANE.

But for some reason, airport security in Denver was AFRAID OF they confiscated it.

He Tweeted: "Won't allow me through the airport with my cane! Giant man need giant cane. Small cane snap like toothpick. Besides, my light saber is just cool.  I'd miss it."

Then he added, quote, "American Airlines won't let me through the airport with me cane!  Can I get a retweet?"

Somehow, that worked...because he later Tweeted: "Magic words to TSA are not 'please' or 'thank you,' it's 'Twitter'. Cane released to go home."

The TSA says Twitter wasn't a factor: "Because of the unusual weight of the passenger's cane, a security officer alerted a supervisor. Less than five minutes later the passenger and cane were cleared to travel.

"Social media played no role in the determination."

Here's a picture of Peter with his cane on the red carpet with Harrison Ford and another of Peter in a wheelchair at the airport, while the TSA morons assess the potential danger of his fake light saber:


(New York Daily News)

Now I know that most of you "Star Wars" fans are probably like, "Cool, Peter got his cane back! He's brought me so much pleasure and enjoyment over the years that I wish nothing but the best for him."

But I also know that there are a few of you out there who wish he DIDN'T get it back. And why? Because CHEWBACCA ISN'T SUPPOSED TO CARRY A LIGHT SABER!!!