This just in, Texans seem to be shocked and astonished that alligators are found in the Lonestar State.

A recent video has surfaced on social media that has had people buzzing. The clip, featured below on Dallas Texas TV's account on Instagram, shows two quite large alligators spotted in Eagle Mountain Lake in Central Texas.

The two apex predators are seen gliding in the water at an impressive speed, one following the other.

While the sight of the alligators themselves can be enough to stir up that primal sense of danger in our brains, they are not exactly newcomers to the lake--or even the state of Texas, really.

According to experts, there has always been a small population of alligators found in Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth. The prehistoric predators are native to the Trinity river, which runs through the state north and south.

There's a been a flux of gator sightings in Texas lately, but the reason isn't exactly "invading alligators". The extensive amount of rainfall and flooding in Central Texas and East Texas have displaced alligators, resulting in increased reports of sightings where they normally are not found.

The displacement of alligators from their habitat is also coupled with another factor that explains their heightened presence: mating season.

While the swamp puppies are looking for a mate to knock boots with, you're more likely to spot them if you live near a body of water. If you're lucky enough to see a gator, enjoy the moment and leave them alone

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