Amazon Prime has slapped a RACISM WARNING on old "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, some of which were made more than 70 years ago.

It says, quote, "[These] shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then, and are wrong today."

Among other things, "Tom and Jerry" has some characters shown in blackface...and there's an African American maid named "Mammy Two Shoes," who appears with a musical soundtrack very similar to traditional plantation songs.

"Tom and Jerry" isn't currently available for Amazon Prime instant viewing in the U.S., so there's no warning here. But it's available in some countries overseas, and people have posted screenshots of the warning on social media.

(Some fans are calling this "political correctness gone mad." What do you think? Is a warning like this necessary? Should they be censored?)