For the billions of dollars that's being spent making video games as sophisticated, gorgeous, realistic, and mind-blowing as possible, the most popular video game of all time now involves flinging two-dimensional birds into green, body-less pigs.

Yesterday, the video game company Rovio, which makes "Angry Birds", announced that the game has now been purchased 500 million times. Which makes it the best-selling video game OF ALL TIME.

Bigger than "Super Mario Bros.", bigger than "Tetris", bigger than "Grand Theft Auto"...even bigger than "Pong" or "Pac-Man"!

And "Angry Birds" has only been around for two years.

It's much cheaper than other costs a few bucks, while games for the Xbox or Wii generally cost $40 to $60...but sales are sales. And thanks to an explosion in people playing games on their phones, "Angry Birds" is number one.

For comparison, "Tetris" appears to be the second-most popular game ever, with over 175 million sales. The entire "Super Mario" franchise (which includes 16 games) has sold approximately 262 million.