You would think we would see less of these stories, but they just keep on coming.

According to a report from Click2Houston, 32-year-old Katrina Louisa Maxwell is a former C.E. King High School teacher for Sheldon ISD and was charged with sexual assault of one of her students.

The student is just 16 years old, and told investigators that Maxwell began having sex with him during Spring break in March. Now, obviously a 16-year-old cannot consent to having sex with an adult, especially a teacher, hence the sexual assault charge.

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Despite Maxwell's attempt to conceal the sexual relationship with the 16-year-old, a district employee noticed her strange behavior when Maxwell watched the student with his girlfriend. The employee even reported an incident in which Maxwell threw a pair of scissors at the student's head just for sitting next to his girlfriend.

Can you say crazy?

When Maxwell was questioned by authorities, she explained that she had only had sex with the student twice in the backseat of her car. The student's story, however, does not match hers.

ABC13 reports that Maxwell picked him up from his aunt's house once, took him to a hotel nearby, and had sexual intercourse for the first time, investigators said. The teenager told police that he and Maxwell had sex on several different occasions between March and April.

Maxwell told investigators that she loved the 16-year-old and that she believed she "was a good teacher." Maxwell went further and stated that now she would be known as "the teacher that f***** her student."

Sheldon ISD has since released the following statement:

"Once district administration was notified of an inappropriate relationship between former Sheldon ISD teacher Mrs. Katrina Maxwell and a Sheldon ISD high school student, the teacher was immediately removed from the school campus, and the district notified law enforcement as well as Child Protective Services (CPS). The district has conducted a thorough investigation and upon completion, we found these reports to be substantiated. All findings have been turned over to law enforcement, and the district expected charges to be brought forth. Sheldon ISD strongly encouraged the Harris County District Attorney's office to take the appropriate action by accepting the charges and making an arrest. Based on our investigative process, this teacher has been terminated and is no longer employed in Sheldon ISD.

The district's first concern is always the safety of our students while providing a safe and secure place for students to learn. Sheldon ISD is deeply saddened that this occurred, and we are committed to continued cooperation with law enforcement to ensure Mrs. Maxwell is prosecuted to the fullest extent."

Whew! If you haven't seen Hulu's A Teacher series, I definitely recommend it. This woman seems to be as delusional as the teacher Kate Mara portrayed.

Court records indicate that Maxwell posted a $20,000 bail bond and is not listed among the current inmates at the Harris County Jail.  Maxwell is due back in court on September 29.

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