The world lets Apple get away with a lot.  We've let them turn us into materialistic zombies.  We look the other way on their products being hand-assembled by Chinese factory workers making pennies.  But THIS could push us too far.

For the new iPhone, Apple changed their charging cable.  The port in the new iPhone is much smaller, so all of your old cords won't work with it.  UNLESS you're willing to spend an extra $29 on an adapter.  Or $39 on a new cable.

And Apple KNOWS us sheeple are going to do that.  They're projected to make an extra $100 MILLION in the next year JUST on people buying those adapters or replacing their cables.

Which, of course, ISN'T EVEN THAT MUCH MONEY to them.  Their revenues top $100 BILLION.  This is almost just making money to show off their puppet mastery skills.