A box office update: Aquaman (YEAYUHH) continues to climb up the charts of biggest DC movies ever. It now sits at $822 million worldwide, which puts it ever-so-slightly ahead of Wonder Woman and its international grosses of $821.8 million. That means my man Aquaman is now the star of the second-biggest DC Extended Universe movie. (Batman v Superman remains the undisputed champion for now, with $873.6 million.)

If we broaden the list to any movie based on DC Comics, Aquaman is already in the top 5 ever, behind BvS and the final two Christopher Nolan Batman films, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, which each grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. Here’s the top 10 DC movies, via the invaluable Box Office Mojo

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These remain staggering results. Wonder Woman is a household name. Everyone in the entire world knows Wonder Woman. She’s a revered pop culture icon whose logo and face are on licensed merchandise of every shape and size. Aquaman is ... a guy who talks to fish and swims really fast. It shows you just how successful the DCEU’s makeover of Aquaman as this libertine barbarian dude has actually been. Everything else about DC’s recent movies might have felt awkward and forced and questionable, but they at least got that one thing very, very right.

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