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Car break-ins are pretty common around Lubbock, but lately it seems like car thieves have become even more brazen.

I'm pretty in-the-loop when it comes to crime, in general. I write a lot of articles concerning shootings, robberies, car crashes and other dark stuff that happens in Lubbock. I know that car break-ins happen frequently here in the Hub City. However, lately it seems that more and more people are talking about how their cars are being broken into in broad daylight.

Most recently, I came across a post on Nextdoor where a Lubbock resident (who shall go unnamed) said that while they were talking with someone in their front yard, a white van pulled up right beside their truck and started grabbing things out of the bed. This was the morning of Monday, April 18th.

It was only after the homeowner and the other person they were talking started running and yelling at the thief that they jumped back into their van and took off. They weren't able to get a license plate number, unfortunately, but they did give a description of the van to police and told them where it drove off to.

I'm honestly kind of impressed with the courage it takes to blatantly try to steal from someone's truck while they were mere feet away. I wish I could muster up that same courage when it comes to calling the city about my stupidly high electric bill.

Stay vigilant, Lubbock. Thieves are getting more aggressive, so maybe it's best that you don't leave things of value in your car while you're away. Or ever, since now it doesn't seem like these guys care if you're straight up watching them do it.

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