There are two things that are always ring true for St. Patrick's Day. One, everyone is Irish for one day of the year, and two, everyone drinks green beer. Green beer is a staple for St. Patrick's Day and there will be more than a few places in Lubbock serving up the tradition pint of green bubbly.

Here are a few places around the city of Lubbock that we know serve or have served green beer on St. Patrick's Day. We'll be updating the list along the way so be on the look out to see if your favorite watering hole will be serving up the finest green beer in all of West Texas.

Fox and Hound - 82nd and Quaker in the Kingsgate North Center.
Click here for directions toFox and Hound.

Triple J's Chophouse - 18th and Buddy Holly Ave.
Click here for directions to Triple J's.

The Lantern Tavern - 35th and Slide Road.
Click here for directions to the Lantern Tavern.

The Texas Cafe - 3604 50th Street (50th and Knoxville)
Click here for directions to the Texas Cafe.

Bash Riprocks - 2419 Main Street (Main & University)
Click here for directions to Bash Riprocks.

The Gas Light - 5212 57th Street (57th and Slide)
Click here for directions to the Gas Light.

34th Street Lone Star Oyster Bar - 34th & Flint
Click here for directions to the 34th Street Lone Star Oyster Bar.

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day and remember to wear and drink your green. Please just remember to drink responsibly and never drive drunk.

Here are some numbers you might what to save in your phone on St. Patrick's Day (or any day really) for a safe ride home.

Yellow Cab: 806-765-7777
City Cab: 806-765-7474
Checker of Texas: 806-771-5466

Or if you really want to enjoy your St. Patrick's Day and ride in style, we suggest you call Limousines by White Knights: 806-771-5466

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.

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