U.S. Senatorial candidate for Texas Beto O'Rourke will return to Lubbock for another town hall July 31st. He last held one here in April. Beto will speak at answer questions at the Cactus Theater from 11-1 Tuesday.

Mr. O'Rourke is seeking to unseat Ted Cruz as a representative of Texas in the U.S. Senate. Currently he is a Texas Congressman who represents El Paso. Some are saying it could be a closer race than earlier predicted.

No matter who you side with or which party you lean towards, the opportunity to hear candidates in person and question their stance on the issues important to you is an American benefit that far too few people take advantage of. While we all have at one point or another made our voices heard on the internet about certain issues, those opinions don't hold any weight if we don't exercise our rights to speak to and hear from the candidates who will possibly represent us in Washington.

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