Sophia Campa-Peters' powerful story has made it to The White House this week, and Lonestar 99.5 morning show host Bobby Bones has now lent his voice to the chorus of support.

Sophia was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease that slowly closes blood vessels in her head. This caused her to have four major strokes at the age of 6 and suffer partial paralysis and memory loss. She's now 9 years old and isn't letting it stop her, showing bravery that's far beyond her years.

"We hope you get 10,000 prayers. I feel like, just from our show alone, you're going to get way more than that. But we're all pulling for you, we know you're going to do great, we hope it goes well in Boston and whenever you're back home and you're better, call us, hopefully we can meet you soon," Bobby said in his message.

This morning, we got the great news from Sophia's Twitter page that she's out of surgery and doing well!

From his work with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to this video for Sophia, you can tell Bobby Bones is just the sweetest guy. Thank you again to Bobby for taking the time to reach out to this brave little girl.

See more about Sophia's story, including what it's like in her own words, in the videos below. You can also follow her story on Twitter and visit her website NinjaKittenSophia to read more, see pictures and donate.

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