Bruce Springsteen teased a "big surprise" for 2021 but noted he likely won't tour during the year.

"I have some projects coming up this year that I won't tell 'cause it's going to be a secret and then a big surprise," he told SiriusXM's E Street Radio on New Year's Eve. "But I do have things to keep me busy this year that I'll be doing that should give the fans something to bide their time with."

Elaborating on his potential live plans, he looked forward to 2022 for a probable stage return.

"If things go as according to what Dr. Fauci is projecting, as soon as we can, we'll be out there," he said, referencing the timeline of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. "And that might be 2022, you know, somewhere in the New Year of 2022. So — and I'm completely projecting because no one really knows — but that's what I think, according to all the information that's available at this moment."

You can listen to the interview below.

While Springsteen didn't spoil the "surprise" to SiriusXM, he did preview several possible projects in a September Rolling Stone interview. One release was a follow-up to 1998's Tracks, a four-CD box set of unreleased tracks and B-sides.

“There’s a lot of really good music left,” he said, adding that he's overdubbing some of the archival tunes. "You just go back there. It’s not that hard. If I pull out something from 1980 or 1985 or 1970, it’s amazing how you can slip into that voice. It’s just sort of a headspace. All of those voices remain available to me, if I want to go to them.”

Springsteen also said he has another LP of new material stemming from the same group of songs that yielded 2012’s Wrecking Ball and 2019's Western Stars. Even though he didn't elaborate on its contents, he said that album is "in the can."


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