The heat doesn't just make us uncomfortable. Summertime in Texas also means more things that crawl, fly, and sting are at large and ready to party.

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Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the insects. The Lone Star State has 3 of the cities with the most bug-related issues across the nation.

3 Signs of Pests Inside

Most pest control companies agree on the following three things to determine if you have an insect problem in your house. Active pests: you see bugs moving around your home on a regular basis (for example, you keep finding ants in the kitchen or bathroom); Dead pests: you have dead bugs on window ledges and counters regularly; Pest droppings: you find what looks like grains of black pepper (roach waste) or sawdust (carpenter ant droppings).

10 Buggiest Cities in America

According to Thumbtack, a home improvement app, these are the buggiest cities in the United States, based on data from millions of home projects from across all 50 states.

#10 - Tampa, Florida
#  9 - Orlando, Florida
#  8 - Baltimore, Maryland
#  7 - West Palm Beach, Florida
#  6 - Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
#  5 - Houston, Texas
#  4 - Austin, Texas
#  3 - Washington, D.C.
#  2 - Atlanta, Georgia
#  1 - Dallas, Texas

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home

Here’s three ways to avoid giving out the keys to the roach motel, as well as discouraging other pests:

  • Store food in airtight containers and clean up spills as soon as they happen.
  • Fix leaking pipes or slow drains, then seal gaps and cracks wherever you find them.
  • Get rid of standing water – mosquitos only need a ½ inch depth to breed.

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