This weekend I was challenged to eat five hotdogs in 10 minutes. If that sounds easy, it's because it is. I finished the five dogs in two and a half minutes then finished three more over the next two in a half. Eight hot dogs in five minutes.

Now, in the same time span, Joey Chestnut was polishing off number 45 and heading onto another record-breaking performance at The Nathan's hot dog eating contest. I, a mere mortal with zero competitive eating strategy and a hangover, was proud of my eight dogs.

Through Talk 1340 and our generous host Gator's Bayou we put on a small show. With only one man taking dogs down, the splash was contained. Next year though, in 2022, on America's Birthday, I'm calling out everyone in Lubbock.

5 minutes. A pile of hot dogs. A glass of water. Destiny.

This weekend Breauxy Chestnut was born and I intend to keep my crown next year. The idea, for now, is in its infancy, but believe me, I'll be back with a vengeance next year. You might think eight is a small number, so do I. I'm thinking at least 12 is the number when we reconvene next July 4th.

Again, I'm not Joey Chestnut. I'll also never dip buns into the cups of water. That's disgusting. I can't stand soggy bread, and can hardly watch Joey and the contestants strut their stuff every fourth of July. They would dominate me.

I just need some competition. See you and the hotdogs next July.

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