Let’s face it, we all hate how we look on our driver’s license. There’s little we can do after the picture is snapped, which is why Adam Bard from British Columbia decided to make his driver’s license photo a memorable one – by shaving his beard and hair in half. 

Bard, a software engineer, shared his experience on social news site Reddit, and posted photos he took along during the shearing process. After first shaving off half his beard at home, Bard then got his hair cut at a barbershop.

Adam Bard salon

The end result?

Adam Bard half beard

When Bard went to his local DMV to have his photograph taken, the staff said nothing at first but eventually asked Bard if he did it just for the license photo. When Bard said ‘yes’ and explained the process, the staff just laughed and allowed Bard to have his photo taken this way.

Bard didn’t keep the look for long though. Once he got his ‘novelty’ license, he shaved the rest of his hair and beard for work the next day. We just hope Bard doesn’t have to cross the border too often. Knowing our immigration checks and Homeland Security, chances are Bard will have a lot of answering to do.

Unless he is entering Thunderdome.

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