Casey Heynes, the 15 year old Australian who stood up to his bullies, did his first interview on the incident that caught the eye on the entire world. Casey was the student who finally had enough of the bullying, and stood up for himself in a video that was seen by millions.

In the interview, Casey talks about how he has been bullied his entire life and how depressed that made him. The bullying and teasing took such a toll on Casey that he considered killing himself at one point.

Watch the interview below from the Australian show, A Current Affair, and see what the world of bullying and teasing did to young Casey.

If you know anyone who is suffering from bullying and teasing, take action now. It's not just affecting young Casey, but hundreds and thousands of students across the world. For more information on bullying and how to prevent it, visit StopBullying.Gov.

Now both kids have done interviews explaining what happened. And while Casey says he was being picked on and just snapped, the bully claims that what the video DOESN'T show is that Casey was actually picking on HIM first.

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