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CBD oil is in a weird place right now. It's totally legal, doesn't get you high, and, if you're like me, it's helped you tremendously with anxiety and back pain. My dad said he's seen enormous success with his joints after just a few days of starting a regimen.

However, due to its tenuous association with (gasp!) marijuana, the medical and veterinary fields are holding back on making any kind of official recommendations.

But that isn't keeping doctors and vets from using it. Vets, although forbidden by many states to recommend it per se to their patients, have seen great results in their own animals, according to Consumer Reports, a reputable and well known source.

Many pet owners, including vets have seen positive affects in their dogs -- from soothing them during fireworks, to easing the pain of hip dysplasia and stopping seizures.

However, there are two really important things to remember about CBD oil and dogs: 1) You need to have realistic expectations, and 2) you MUST get the dosing right.

Dogs are much more sensitive to CBD than we are and need smaller amounts. And every animal, like every person, is different, so they may experience different results.

If you have an anxious or older dog, you can talk to your vet about CBD (although you will have to be the one to bring it up), and then talk to the folks at American Shaman in Lubbock. They understand that dogs have very different dosing needs than humans, and have in stock dog bones for your furry friend.

You can find them online, or at one of their three locations in Lubbock: 3408 82nd Street, 2147 50th Street, and 5407 4th Street.

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