Until recently, I had no idea Lubbock had a rum distillery. And the funny part is that I had drank Lubbock-made rum multiple times without knowing it.

Pinkerton's Rum is distilled right here in Lubbock, made with Texas sugar cane and crafted by Texas Tech alumnus Lucas Pinkerton:

I have been brewing since I was 20 and learned early on that with a touch of patience I could have great tasting beverages at my fingertips.  This has lead into a lifelong passion for cooking and brewing tasty things to eat and drink. I have always loved the thrill of brewing and have had to force myself to keep out of the brew until it was actually ready to drink. Over time, my curious nature lead me from brewing to distilling. Where I found my true passion, after graduating from Texas Tech, I felt a change in career path was in order and Pinkerton’s Distillery was born.

Pinkerton's is available for purchase at several Lubbock liquor stores and throughout much of West and Central Texas (here's a handy map to find it in town).

I've been buying it from Spec's because I sampled it there, without knowing it was from my hometown. The Platinum Rum is excellent, but the coconut especially deserves a permanent space in your liquor cabinet. Try making a fresh mojito out of it; it's gonna be your favorite.

Want to know more? Pinkerton's offers tours on certain Saturdays and by appointment. More info on that is available at their official website.

If you do celebrate National Rum Day today (August 16), be sure to do it responsibly because Hub City On Tap is coming up Saturday, August 26th and you won't want to miss it.

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