In an entrance that's widely regarded as one of the best in all of college football, the 61st Masked Rider Caroline Hobbs and newly-dubbed Centennial Champion debuted against Murray State as a brand new pairing. Fearless Champion was a fixture at Texas Tech for a decade, but now it's Centennial's time to shine.

Centennial's first run wasn't that of a polished veteran, but that'll come with time. It's tough for Texas Tech's players to play in front of a crowd of 50,000 for the first time. I'll bet Centennial Champion will get used to the bright lights just like a 5-star quarterback settles into his first season.

Centennial Champion will have another opportunity to lead the team onto the field on September 10th against Houston at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Watch the video of Centennial Champion's first appearance at a Texas Tech football game below.

Centennial Champion might not have sprinted out of the gate, but the Texas Tech offense sure did with 42 first-half points against the out-matched and overpowered Murray State Racers. Tyler Shough left early with an injury, but the offense didn't miss a beat with Donovan Smith adding four touchdown drives to finish out the half.

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