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A Chick-fil-A employee has been making a series of TikTok videos showing how he thinks the establishment would be if it were a part of a video game like Skyrim or Fallout.

The videos are from the perspective of the supposed player as they walk around the establishment. It shows the typical non-playable character (NPC) dialog and movements that are hilariously realistic to the video games they are mocking.

In some of the videos, they also go the extra mile by taping Chick-fil-A packaging on themselves to look like armor.

This four-part series has garnered over 8 million views and 2 million likes combined. It's awesome to see the success of these videos, but this style of video is not new.

The first time I saw someone make a video like this was when TikTok user @jinnkid did a series called ‘Skyrim In Real Life’ that inspired more creators to make content like this.

If you've played any sort of open-world roleplaying game like this, then you understand just how funny these videos are. You always have the NPC that continually asks the same question over and over, walks into random objects, and is easily evaded by ducking or moving slightly out of sight.

The TikToker that made this series definitely seems to be a gamer based on some of his other TikToks featuring various gameplay clips. I'm glad he decided to make these Chick-fil-a videos and that his coworkers played along.

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