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A photo of a "Christmas Lunch" from Alderson Elementary school is making its way across the internet locally and it's definitely raising some eyebrows and pissing off a lot of parents. Kids definitely deserve better than whatever the hell this garbage is.

The meal presented in the photo above was supposed to be a special holiday meal based on the Disney film Frozen that features foods found in Norway and not a typical Christmas meal you would normally see in an elementary school. Still, something about the photo doesn't sit well with us -- or many local parents.

I can't exactly describe what you see in the photo, because frankly, I'm not even sure. It looks kind of like a dirty pancake with a hot dog on top (perhaps some kind of pig-in-a-blanket situation?), paired with, umm...two meatballs in brown gravy (I think?). There also looks to be either apples or pears with cinnamon, along with chocolate milk.

Honestly, your guess is a good as mine, but none of it looks at all like Christmas lunch to me.

The most baffling part of this meal is that parents were invited to eat it with their children. No shame. No need to show off an extra special meal when parents are around. Just flat-out nasty food, on display, for everyone to see.

I worked for a foreign language school in Minnesota for the bulk of my life where I fed children three meals a day for roughly $2.13 per child per meal. My staff and I cooked for up to 400 kids at a time, and none of it was ever as repulsive, cheap or careless as what I see depicted in the 'Christmas Lunch' photo above. In fact, quite the opposite.

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Meals were served family-style, and there was always the option to go back for seconds. Here are a few examples of what kids are eating there for breakfast and lunch on a regular day for less than $3 dollars per serving:

Cost Effective and Delicious School Meals In Minnesota

While I will admit that some of it may look a bit frou-frou, the cost-effectiveness was still there. It just really makes you wonder what we are doing when it comes to feeding our children in public schools here in Lubbock.

It seems there's a complete and utter lack of caring. Some children don't get enough food to eat at home, and we need to make sure that they are getting adequate nutrition in our schools to assist with sad scenarios like that. Not to mention if your parents don't pay your food bill on time, you're simply offered peanut butter and jelly when going through the line, which can be humiliating and cruel to do to a child that has no control over their parents paying the bill.

If you have ever wondered why your child comes home from school starving, maybe you should take a gander at just what they are feeding them for lunch each day. If you happen to have photos of the school meals your child is eating, please send them to KFMX in a message on Facebook. We're interested in what kind of nasty or delicious things you may have seen in your child's school.

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