Every city has some ordinances that you've never heard of or knew about. Lubbock is no exception.

Here are three ordinances that you probably never knew existed.

1. Sec. 14.01.004     Loitering, loafing near schools

This one was originally enacted in 1961 and amended in 2012.

It shall be unlawful for any person, during school hours or during the time pupils are gathering at school or leaving school, to loaf or loiter on the streets, alleys, sidewalks or any other public place, or in any building or structure open to the public, within two hundred fifty (250) yards of any public, private or parochial school including but not limited to universities, colleges, high schools, junior high schools or elementary schools, or any combination thereof, or within two hundred fifty (250) yards of any real estate used, occupied or in any manner dedicated to exclusive use or occupancy as a school, or as a part or appurtenance thereof, including but not limited to buildings, dormitories, campuses, athletic fields, tennis courts and playgrounds, for the purpose of attracting, enticing or luring any school child or children to engage in truancy or to commit, participate in or view any immoral or unlawful act. (1959 Code, sec. 19-6.1; Ordinance 3341, sec. 1, adopted 1/12/1961; 1983 Code, sec. 18-2; Ordinance 2012-O0084, sec. 1, adopted 8/23/2012)

Look like there should be ALOT of tickets written for this one.

2. Sec. 8.04.034     Sealing machine for nonpayment

This one has to do with coin-operated amusement machines. Yes, they can lock you out of your machine if you don't pay the taxes on them.

The city secretary or authorized representative may seal any such machine upon which the tax has not been paid in a manner that will prevent further operation. The city secretary shall charge a fee of five dollars ($5.00) for the release of any machine sealed for nonpayment of tax. The fee shall be paid to the city secretary by cashier's check or money order. It shall be unlawful to break the seal affixed in the name of the city or exhibit, display or remove from location any machine on which the seal has been broken. (1983 Code, sec. 3-109; Ordinance 8372, sec. 2, adopted 11/18/1982)

So if you own a coin-operated machine, better pay up.

3. Sec. 8.05.005     Films not rated by MPAA board

So, apparently the City of Lubbock does not like unrated movies being shown in Lubbock.

Motion picture films which were produced and released for viewing prior to the establishment of the Motion Picture Association of America board shall be rated by the local theater manager exhibiting such film in accordance with the Motion Picture Association of America standards. Such rating shall be displayed in the same manner as the ratings applied to films reviewed by the board. The failure of a local theater manager to rate any film shall result in such film being considered as an “NC-17” rated film. (1959 Code, sec. 19-28; Ordinance 5729, sec. 1, adopted 8/28/1969; 1983 Code, sec. 3-147; Ordinance 2000-O0043, sec. 5, adopted 9/13/2000)

Ok, so arthouse or indy films that are not rated are automatically NC-17? Since when did the City become the MPAA?

Do you know of any odd or unknown city ordinances? Let us know in the comments!

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