The City of Lubbock released a press release Tuesday (February 16th, 2021) warning citizens to not attempt walking on our playa lakes, as the ice is not thick enough to support the weight of people or pets.

I know you're thinking, 'if they even thought to release this, people must be doing it,' and congrats, you're correct. The City of Lubbock has "seen an influx of reports related to citizens and children walking on frozen playa lakes."

I know it seems like it's been freezing forever, but there's no way we've been cold long enough to create four inches of ice, the depth at which walking on ice is considered safe. We live in the south; it just doesn't happen here. Sorry.

Personally, I'd be squeamish anyway, because beyond the threat of freeze-drowning to death, it's disgusting run-off water in a large, glorified ditch. Well, to be far, it's a large glorified ditch that's also chock full of duck and geese leavings.

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Even if the ice on playa lakes were not to break, slipping on it could lead to serious injuries. I put my hip out when I slipped while attempting to high kick a snow clod and was unable to walk for a couple days. Was that stupid? Yes. As stupid as walking on a thinly ice crusted waste water hole? Well, let's say it's a solid 85 percent as stupid.

Exploring in the snow is a fun upside to being subject to the freezing temps, the rolling blackouts and unsafe driving conditions, but like with anything else, it's important we don't lose our minds over it.

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