As was reported, Fearless Champion was out this week. Now, it can't be understated how difficult it is to find a horse on short notice that has the fortitude to lead the Texas Tech football team out in front of 60,000* people. But, Texas Tech was able to find a gritty two-star under-recruited horse named Cody.

Cody looked like an old pro in front of the Red Raider faithful, riding out with the Masked Rider and the team with smoke billowing up.

In doing so, Cody the Horse pulled off what most call the greatest entrance in college football. The entrance got Texas Tech off to a quick 14-0 start against Lamar. And at halftime, the Red Raiders led 42-0.

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*Total attendance unconfirmed. It might be closer to 30,000, but let's give Cody the benefit of the doubt here.

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