If you live within the city limits of Lubbock, you no doubt have noticed all the talk going on about LP&L and outrageous rate increases.

Now, if you're an LP&L customer, you are all too familiar with their billing practices -- and more likely then not have even had an issue or two with your bill.

Until now, we've all just complained on social media and to one another about how unfair their monopoly is here in the Hub City. But none of us have really ever stepped up to do anything about it...until now.

One Lubbock man has finally had enough and started an online petition, which then got the attention of Mayor Dan Pope. The petition has nearly 13,000 supporters as of today.

Mayor Pope (whom I personally think means well; he just dropped the ball on this major issue) went on one of the local newscasts to try to offer his version of an explanation of why people are having issues with their bills. His explanation is that people don't know how to read their bill and don't understand that their are other city services billed within the same statement.

His solution? New letterhead that includes the other company that bills citizens for water, sewage, and waste water management.

Here's the problem: Even if we citizens are too dumb to read our statements and know we are billed for other services, the fact that nearly everyone's bill doubled from June to July does not have a thing to do with what services are on the statement.

The issue is LP&L, plain and simple.

Don't belief me? Take a look at this picture (submitted by an FMX listener) of a water meter covered with so much dirt there is no way it could have been read in months.

What are your thoughts on LP&L's billing procedures?


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