Craig James says he did the right thing? That's debatable to say the least. James (who's son was famously placed in a "shed" under the direction of former Tech football coach Mike Leach) says that not only did he "do the right thing", but that most people in Lubbock support him.

I have been to many a Lubbock sports bar to watch many a college football game and the chorus of "boooooooos" (and many other phrases that can't be repeated here) that fill the room when he appears on the screen is quite deafening. I'm sorry Craig, but you are delusional. Read the full story on the next page.

Anyway, here's an article on all of this from

ESPN Sports Commentator Craig James says most people in Lubbock support him.  That's what he says according to an article in the Dallas-based D Magazine. 

Craig James admits he played a role in the firing of Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach in December 2009.  James has claimed on national television that Leach abused his son, Texas Tech football player Adam James.  Leach denies the allegation.

According to D Magazine, Craig James says, "Most people in Lubbock support my position. We did what any responsible parent would do. We did the right thing." 

James also says the Leach controversy won't hurt him politically.  It's been widely rumored that James might seek the U.S. Senate seat from which Kay Bailey Hutchison will soon retire. 

James is one of several defendants in a pair of lawsuits filed by Leach in Lubbock state-district court.

By James Clark