Well, I have some sad news to report as legendary Dallas Cowboys running back, Don Perkins, has passed away.

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The Dallas Cowboys released this statement earlier today

Unfortunately, Perkins' death is yet another blow to the Cowboys' family. He's the second Ring of Honor member to pass away recently, along with Rayfield Wright. Back in January, the Cowboys lost former players Dan Reeves and Ralph Neely. Marion Barber passed away last week and the Cowboys have lost former running backs coach Gary Brown, as well as former scouting director Larry Lacewell. Jerry Jones' personal assistant Marylyn Love died this past spring.(Dallas Cowboys)

Perkins, who wore the number 43, played his entire 8-year NFL career in Dallas and was one of the first really great running backs in Cowboys history. Between 1961 and 1968, he rushed for 6,217 yards and scored 42 touchdowns, which still ranks 4th in franchise history.

He was inducted into the Dallas Cowboys 'Ring of Honor' in 1976, along with quarterback 'Dandy' Don Meredith. To put it in perspective, there are only 20 members in 'Ring of Honor' so that shows just how important, and what kind of player Perkins was.

Perkins was originally drafted in 1960 by the Baltimore Colts but ended up signing a contract with the Cowboys who sent a 9th-round draft pick for him.

He ended up having a stellar career for the Cowboys, earning 6 Pro Bowl appearances, and First Time All-Pro in 1962.

Unfortunately, I was too young to ever see him play. But as a lifelong fan of the Cowboys, I'm well aware of his legendary status and what he meant for the Dallas Cowboys.

RIP Don Perkins

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