Dez Bryant is a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Last year was his rookie season. And earlier this week, he was at the NorthPark Center Mall in Dallas doing some shopping.

Even though he's a multimillionaire, Bryant is still only 22 and apparently not mature enough to wear his pants like an adult.  So, as he walked around the mall, his pants were sagging low and showing his underwear.

The NorthPark Center has a policy banning saggy pants. So when some security guards saw Bryant, they asked him to pull up his pants. He refused. And then he started making a scene.

Some off-duty cops came over. Bryant told them, quote, "Why the [blank] are you stopping me like I stole something? I'm not leaving until my attorney and my representative get here."

The officers hit Bryant with a criminal trespass warning. Now he can't go back to the mall for 90 days or he'll be arrested.

Take a listen to my special parody of "Happy Trails to You" entitled "Saggy Pants on You", here:

This story also reminded me of a certain American Idol Contestant. Take it away General Larry Platt!