Listen to the entire interview with David Glasheen below.

David Glasheen is one of two publicly declared candidates in the Republican primary for Texas House District 84. Current State Representative John Frullo surprised many when he announced he would not seek reelection.

Earlier this week, Glasheen officially kicked off his campaign before a crowd at River Smith's in Lubbock. On Friday, Glasheen appeared on The Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin on KFYO to discuss his campaign and his political views.

Glasheen is an attorney here in Lubbock who was born and raised in Lubbock and moved back here after his time in the Marine Corps. Glasheen told KFYO that District 84 needs to be represented by someone who is pro-life and pro-liberty.

I knew I wanted to stay involved in public service. I think that what our community really needs is somebody who is going to go to Austin and fight for the issues that matter to Lubbock. I'm a pro-life, pro-liberty Republican, I think I bring those values and those qualifications.

Glasheen told KFYO that "we have to do everything that we can to make [Texas] Tech a flagship university for the state of Texas". Glasheen said that includes breaking up the PUF fund. Glasheen went further saying that Texas Tech needs the research dollars and support it needs to be a flagship university.

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When asked which committee he would prefer to be on, if he got to pick, Glasheen picked Higher Ed.

I'd like to be on the Higher Education Committee if I had a choice because I'd want to be an active voice for Texas Tech. But I have a great background to be effective on any committee, and I'll serve wherever the community needs me. That's one of the advantages I have with my legal background and my career as a prosecutor in the Marine Corps.

Glasheen also discussed 2nd Amendment, pro-life, and public education during the interview on Friday. Listen to the full interview above.

You can visit David Glasheen's campaign website here.

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