In the movie Speed, a bus that is rigged by a terrorist to explode if its speed falls below 50 miles per hour, which means the driver spends most of the movie driving at a high rate of speed. If Hollywood is looking for a movie reboot idea, consider this TRUE story shared by the Denton Record-Chronicle about a police chase involving another vehicle that's not as big or fast for that matter, but I have the perfect title for it: Stroll.

Denton Police Were Called On Friday Night Near I-35E

A caller had told police that two men stole a golf cart and were last seen entering an apartment complex. Police arrived, and the golf cart owner told them someone was getting away in the vehicle. Officers chased the golf cart driving north on the I-35E service road and attempted to catch up to it. They watched as the driver headed into a parking lot, made a U-turn and again began to drive away.

The Chase Is On As The Golf Cart Thieves Proved To Be Evasive

The unidentified 25-year-old man accelerated through the parking lot into a shopping area. According to the report, he drove around the lot, accelerating and decelerating. After he exited the parking lot, he went south on Teasley Lane, ran a red light and drove the wrong way on the service road.

The man continued to drive around the block and went back onto the southbound service road, going the wrong way, driving around businesses and alleyways on Teasley Lane allegedly striking a patrol vehicle door as he continued to drive in another parking lot in the block.

The man attempted to make a U-turn and flipped the golf cart



After flipping the cart, the man was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated, an accident involving a damaged vehicle, evading arrest and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Police said the man possessed multiple needles and appeared to be on some narcotic as he was not making sense and could barely stand up. But the story doesn't end there.

The Man Seen Riding With Him Also Went To Jail But For A Different Reason

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The second man, an unidentified 19 year old, seen with the golf cart was later identified when he approached officers about the pursuit a few hours after the other man was taken away.  The 19-year-old man said he had put down his bag, and then the 25-year-old man took off with the golf cart and he wanted to get his items back.

He told police the bag contained his driver's license and cellphone but cops found out he had an outstanding warrant and inside the bag they found credit and debit cards, insurance cards and identification belonging to different people and they found a small baggie containing a white crystal while searching him. Cops arrested the 19 year old charging him with fraudulent use/possessing identification information and possession of a controlled substance.

Now Let's Watch This Guy Flip His Golf Cart.

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