You gotta be an idiot to take a gun to the airport. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport apparently has the most idiots.

Steve Frost

The crazy thing about this trend is it's getting bigger!

That's right, the TSA is finding MORE weapons are being brought to the airports (or they are at least finding more).

If I didn't know better and you asked me, I'd say maybe a few guns were found each month. No sir, Mr. Cowboy! The actual number for DFW is 153 in 2015. That's 153 people that apparently haven't heard about 9/11 or airport restrictions, that didn't turn around when they got to the checkpoints and that are so damn dumb they think they can bring a gun onto a plane.

Oh, and these weren't collectors taking their guns/purchases home. Over 80 percent of the guns found by the TSA across America were loaded and ready to go.

All in all, the TSA is reporting a 20 percent increase in the amount of firearms found. They credit improved detection. I credit dumbasses for taking guns to the airport.

The silly thing is you CAN have guns in your CHECKED luggage, they just can't be loaded. This makes the people who try to take a weapon through security look extra dumb. Seriously, who "forgets" they're packing heat?

[via USA Today]