During last night's game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, the Niners blocked a Seattle punt.

Well, the website Deadspin.com says it's a FAN'S fault that the punt was blocked because someone in the crowd WHISTLED three times in quick succession, so that it sounded just like a referee blowing a play dead.

That caused several Seahawks on the line to stand up and look around, thinking the play had been stopped.  And 49er Craig Dahl blew right by them and blocked the kick.

You can definitely see the Seattle guys were distracted by something, which allowed Dahl to get by them.  But it's hard to tell if it was due to WHISTLING.

Here's another amusing video from the game: Seahawks QB RUSSELL WILSON let out an audible S-BOMB when the center snapped the ball before he was ready.  WARNING!!!  Profanity.

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