The film, directed by Martin Scorsese, runs for three-and-a-half hours and is in two parts.

It has just premiered at the Telluride documentary festival in America, and will be shown in its entirety on the BBC next month.

In it, George's friends, lovers and band-mates discuss his many affairs. Eric Clapton even disuses the famous love triangle involving himself, Patti Boyd and Harrison.

Clapton recalls that Harrison was ‘very cavalier’ about the affair with Pattie, and almost gave him ‘carte blanche’ to sleep with her.

‘To be honest,’ Clapton says, ‘there was a lot of swapping and fooling around.’

Harrison’s second wife Olivia tells of ‘hiccups’ in their marriage when her husband had affairs.

They were married in 1978, a month after the birth of their son Dhani, and she was at his bedside when he died of cancer in 2001.

But in between those times, Olivia suggests that her husband had several affairs, which she endured, simply waiting for them to pass and forgiving him when they did.

‘He liked women and women liked him,’ she says. ‘If he just said a couple of words to you, it would have a profound effect. It was hard to deal with someone who was so well loved.’

Paul McCartney adds: ‘I don’t want to say much because he was a pal, but he liked the things that men like. He was red-blooded.’

Now this...

According to the Daily Mail, more than one source suspects that he had a heavy flirtation with Madonna on the set of the 1986 film Shanghai Surprise, despite the presence of her first husband Sean Penn.

Madonna was deeply unhappy with Penn, and said she found Harrison, who was executive producer of the film, ‘very understanding and sympathetic’.

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