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Say what you want about how the government is having a no good, rotten, very bad year, but we may FINALLY have something from Washington to actually celebrate here in Lubbock because of what unintended circumstances might spring from this news.

It all started with a fairly boring headline:


Simple enough, eh? It's the kind of news you'd probably skip over in the newspaper on the way to reading today's "Bloom County." In a nutshell, it means that the federales passed a bill today that designates the Port to Plains project as an interstate highway from Laredo, Texas to Raton (Rat City), New Mexico, eventually connecting with I-25 on the way to Denver. This includes the stretch of I-27 that passes through Lubbock.

While the project is not yet funded, it means that Lubbock will be connected to the rest of the federal interstate system and could see more interstate traffic.

See? Borrrrrinnnnnng. But wait... there's more! I know, you're saying: "BUT WHAT ABOUT BUC-EE'S?" You gotta look big picture here.

Buc-ee's has this habit of only building on well-travelled highways that see a lot of interstate drivers. Lubbock, being at the ass end of an interstate that only goes to Amarillo, has never been on a major nationwide route. If this I-27 extension gets built, then...wait for it...we'd be Buc-ee's ready!

If Buc-ee's had one iota of Texas pride left they'd make damn sure that Lubbock is in line to finally get a location. The last real obstacle would be removed. Lubbock would be, so to speak, "on the map," and the Buc-ee's crew would be fresh out of excuses.

Make the interstate happen so that we no longer have to burn a tankful of $4/gallon gas just to drive to freaking Fort Worth to get our Beaver Nuggets.

Besides, we clearly don't have enough convenience stores here in Lubbock, amirite?

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