By now you must have heard of the cheating scandal surrounding Tiger Woods at the Masters this weekend. Here's the quick version of the story...

On the 15th hole Friday, Tiger was trying to hit the ball onto the green, and he was maybe a little TOO accurate.  The ball hit the pin...which is just a fancy golf word for the flag that sticks up out of the hole...and bounced into a water hazard.

Here's video:

So Tiger decided to take a penalty and drop the ball right where he'd just hit it from.
Now, the rules state that you're supposed to drop the ball as close to its original  spot as possible, but Tiger didn't do that.  He dropped it about TWO YARDS BACK from where he'd hit it, apparently to avoid overpowering his shot.

You can see the drop here.  If you look just in front of where he drops the ball, you can see the divot from the previous shot.  Tiger should have dropped it right next to that.

Then a FAN who had been watching at home called and told them it was a rules violation.  But the PGA rules committee was fine with the drop, even after reviewing video of it, and they choose not to talk to Tiger before he signed his scorecard.

But later that night, the committee got a call from CBS, alerting them to a post-game interview on ESPN where Tiger admitted he dropped the ball a few yards behind the original spot.

So on Saturday morning, they met with Tiger and, when he confirmed it, they informed him that they were giving him a two-stroke penalty.  (You can watch a video of the committee chairman explaining the whole thing here.)

There was also some talk in the media about Tiger deserving to be disqualified from the tournament for signing a "bad card".  What that means is that at the end of the round he signed a scorecard that had an inaccuracy on it.

Of course, that inaccuracy would have been based on the penalty that the rules committee hadn't even assessed yet at the time he signed the card.  Which is why they didn't eject him.

But there's been a TON of talk online about whether Tiger should have QUIT, because he supposedly broke the rules ON PURPOSE.  (Ultimately it didn't matter, and Tiger only finished in fourth place.)

Golf legend Nick Faldo was one of the most vocal supporters of that idea.  He said Tiger should have done the "manly thing" and pulled himself out.  But he later changed his tune.  (Here's video of Faldo's flip-flop.)

What do you think? Did Tiger cheat? Should he have dropped out?