Dining Out In Lubbock Without Breaking The Bank

Last week, we brought you the best places in Lubbock to go on a first date. First dates are great but they usually end up with an empty wallet and no money left for the second date. Now I’m not saying you need to break the bank every time you go out with someone, but you can still get fine dining at an affordable price. Here is a rundown of the best places in Lubbock to grab some grub without shelling out too much green.


Rocky Larues : Rocky’s is a usual hangout of our digital department at the radio station. Rocky’s runs a special every day with certain days being too good to pass up. Every Monday we can be found munching on $1 beef tacos and enjoying a cold drink. Most Tuesdays, the digital team takes full advantage of $5 Philly cheese steaks and fries, and too many Thursdays have been spent gobbling down on their $5 burger and beer deal.  So for around 5 bucks you can get full and have a cold one too. Just don’t enjoy too many of those adult beverages.

Angela’s: Angela’s is only open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch, but it’s always one of the biggest hot spots to eat in the city of Lubbock. The reason is their great lunch specials. Every day of the week you can find hundreds of Angela’s fans packing the small eatery for the chance to snag up the daily special before it runs out. Home cooking is on the menu with their specials including meatloaf, pot roast and king ranch chicken. Once the special runs out though, you’re out of luck. You can feast on one of the best home cooked meals in the Hub City for roughly $8.


Rosa’s Café: Rosa’s is an institute here in Lubbock for Mexican food in a flash. Their menu includes over 50 different things to pick from, but none are more ordered than their #1 and #2. The best day of the week to go is Taco Tuesday. For less than $4 you can get their #2 taco plate which includes your choice of hard shelled or soft tacos filled with either chicken or beef. The plate also comes with a huge helping of rice, beans and two of their world famous, handmade, tortillas. It will break the button of your jeans before it breaks you financially.

Seize The Deal: Don’t forget  you can always find a great deal for cheap eats on Seize The Deal. Seize The Deal always offers at least 50% off whichever meal your buying with it sometimes being more than the half off. Thousands of the fine folks here in Lubbock have taken full advantage of Seize The Deal, this writer included. Sign up for Seize the Deal and start saving money on great products here in the city of Lubbock.


There are endless locations for cheap eats here in the city, but you just have to do a little searching. Feel free to add your own favorite spots in Lubbock to get a cheap meal. The best thing though is to make your own breakfast, lunch or dinner and share it with a friend, family member or significant other.  Even better though is making a meal and sharing it with your favorite radio personality. We love stuff like that.

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