The game of disc golf has become more and more popular over the last 8 years – but in Midland, Texas it’s become DANGEROUS also!

According to the Midland Reporter Telegram, a 19 year old teenager was playing a round of disc golf at Windlands Park in Midland, TX when one of his discs inadvertently ended up in the backyard of Buddy Myers.

The Midland Reporter Telegram reports that the 19 year old went to the house of Buddy Myers to retrieve his disc and when no one answered the front door he continued around to the back and peeked over the fence from the ally.  It was at this time the disc golf player saw Myers walk out of the backdoor with a pistol where he then fired a shot towards the teenager.

The Midland Police Department responded to the call where they engaged in a stand-off with Buddy Myers who had barricaded himself and an elderly woman in the house.  The stand-off ended peacefully with no one injured within an hour according to  Spokeswoman Sara Higgins stated that Buddy Myers is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

So the questions must be asked – Does Myers know the difference between a clay disc and a Frisbee?  Did he think he was skeet shooting?

Come on people!!  Educate yourself!  Knowing the difference between Disc Golf and Skeet Shooting could save a life!

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