Full disclosure: I live in a brand new home that was recently constructed, along with several others on my street that are unfinished. The area of Northwest Lubbock that I live in is essentially one ginormous subdivision that will soon be overrun with new construction, so I understand and expect that there is going to be inconvenience, noise and construction materials that wind up down the street from time to time. That's normal in any area of rapid growth, and not the issue at hand.

Also, I have no quarrel with construction workers. I grew up in a family of contractors, and my first job was as a laborer. It's hard-ass work. My issue is with the laborers who treat the neighborhood like a giant trash can after they go home for the day.

This is the new home that is being built directly behind mine.

The idea that I find beer bottles, soda cups and fast food bags in the alley way behind the house just laying out is (trigger warning) complete bulls--t.  We have a dumpster literally 10 feet from the jobsite and I constantly have to step over this trash to get to it. If these guys can't walk 10 feet to throw their crap away, how do I trust them to be thorough and diligent in building a safe home?

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I've had discussions with my peers, and everyone who lives in an area of new construction has concurred that the garbage left behind by the workers in alleyways, etc. is out of hand in Lubbock.

I also have concerns about the idea that alcohol is being consumed on an active jobsite. I'm sure there are insurance and liability issues, and safety concerns with alcohol use on the jobsite. The last thing anyone wants is someone having one too many and then grabbing an electrical wire that's hot and ungrounded.

Honestly, if homebuilders and their superintendents did more spot checks or actually gave a crap, we wouldn't have these issues.

Step it up, guys. We want to live in a safe clean area. Give a hoot, don't pollute.

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