I have kids. Those kids like watching videos on my phone, iPad, PlayStation or wherever. Recently, however, I noticed that most of the "kids" videos on YouTube were NOT for kids.

I personally don't care whether you show your kids videos of any kind. But after watching some of these horrendous YouTube clips, I have to say something. First of all, there's a lot of poop. I mean, a LOT OF POOP! I've never even heard 5-year-olds make this many poop references. And these videos are made by adults.

But mostly I found that these are just amazingly horrible videos for ANYONE to watch. There are super-heroes flying around on hypodermic needles, poop, babies getting shots, more poop, lots of kids crying, even more poop and the same damn "daddy finger" song used in almost every one of them!


I don't care for censorship of any kind, but I do believe in proper labeling, and these videos are labeled for kids. They are definitely NOT for kids.

Look out for videos by groups like Super Hero Freak Family, Toy Toyisland and any of these weird, computer animated, clearly not licensed, or live-action weird videos for kids. They aren't good for anyone, and they're EVERYWHERE!

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