The 6th seeded Wayland Baptist Pioneers, hailing from Plainview, Texas, were down eight runs in the second inning of a conference tournament game over the weekend to the 2nd seed Oklahoma City Stars. Fast forward to the top of the ninth inning with two outs recorded and the Pioneers are down one with a runner on first when Gregory Ozuna stepped to the plate.

He gave the Pioneers their first lead of the game.

The home run was huge, but that bat flip was much bigger. In fact, I hesitate to say it was a flip because it was more like a bat toss. Maybe even a bat chunk.

According to the game recap from Wayland Baptist, it was Ozuna's ninth dinger of the year and his first since the end of March. Later in the writeup, it's said there was a discussion on the bat toss by the umpire crew, "After an extended stoppage in play when umpires discussed Ozuna's bat-toss, Collazo made it back-to-back jacks with a shot to left, his 13th of the year."

The extended stoppage was probably equal parts the umpires being upset about the bat toss, and the opposing pitcher being upset about being shown up. We see this in baseball all the time, pitchers hate bat flips.

I, however, was never a pitcher so I love it. I'm always a fan of more emotion in sports, and if Ozuna gets dead legged in his next at-bat, more power to the pitcher. Just don't throw at his head.

People on twitter were split on the flip. In two posts following a guy who said the bat flip was ruining baseball, Nick wit da Cannon and Richard Hodges pretty much nailed my thoughts.

If you don't want a guy bat flipping, don't give up a gigantic dinger.

Wayland Baptist won the game 14-12 after a shutdown inning from the Pioneer closer in the bottom of the ninth inning. They lost the next two though and were bounced from the tournament. Ozuna was noticeably missing from the Wayland Baptist box score in the game immediately following the bat toss.

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