For Alice Cooper, a normal day at the office includes being hanged AND beheaded while thousands of people demand his blood. And over the years, he's had a few close calls with his stage props.

But if one of those props should fail FATALLY, that would probably be okay. Alice says, "You mean I might actually get beheaded? C'mon, that's the way Alice would want to die. Right there on stage in front of 10,000 screaming fans."

(Of course, Alice often refers to himself in the second person, meaning the CHARACTER "Alice Cooper". It's not clear if the conservative, born-again Christian, golfing version of Alice Cooper would want to go the same way.)

Speaking of Alice Cooper, he's currently running a "Scary Selfie" contest through social media. Check out his Instagram for details on how you can try to win yourself an autographed version of your selfie.