Paging Ted Nugent! If you believe Gene Simmons' 2014 assertion that rock is dead, then this Donald Trump guitar could make America rock again for you.

Over on eBay, there's a listing for a guitar that's been customized by Axe Warrior Guitars to commemorate the inauguration of President Trump. The body features a painting of Trump wearing George Washington's Revolutionary War uniform and holding a high-powered weapon with out-stretched fist and a bald eagle perched on his shoulder as he stands over some wreckage. A U.S. flag is in the background.

According to the listing, the double-cutaway "lightweight and relatively balanced" guitar was made in 1961 by Decca, with a tobacco sunburst finish, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. It has one pickup that is described as "age-appropriate" and gives off a "rockabilly tone," with knobs for volume and tone control. Even though there's some wear on the 20 frets, they are considered to still be in excellent condition. The electronics are functioning, claims the listing, but the guitar needs to be set up.

The starting price for the guitar was $249.95, but has since jumped to $1,805. Bidding ends tomorrow morning at 10:12AM ET. Another Trump-designed guitar listed last month sold for $350.

Axe Warriors' Facebook page says they are a "U.S.-based charity offering support to veterans and personnel who serve our country." Other guitars they currently have for sale include tributes to the Fire Department of New York and the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, as well as instruments with zombies and Asian tattoos on them.

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