Ok so the title is a little weird, but it can be serious to feed your dog people food. And with the holidays here we're always wanting to include our best friends. But dogs can't eat these human foods, so be sure you 're not hurting them.

Since the holidays are here and many of us will have extra family around, and often extra kids, its best to know ahead of time what our dogs can and can't share with us. This video shows some of the foods you can't feed to your best friend and why. And don't forget that some prepared foods might have harmful ingredients in them that you need to know about before feeding Fido.

The American Kennel Club also has a list of do's and don'ts for feeding people food to pups.

So if you're having family over, or going to another family's house for the holidays, make sure you and the kids and people around you know what your pets can and cannot eat so you're not cleaning up a sick mess, or worse, rushing the family friend to an emergency vet for Christmas day.

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