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Lubbock's getting a unique new post office.

Sabashjenn's Post Office will be located at 1718 Buddy Holly, Unit A, otherwise currently known as Brown's Barber Shop.

"We are just going to be a wonderful little post office! Sabashjenn's Post Office is the fastest delivery of secrets, surprises, and all things better unspoken," they told us via Facebook.

Intrigued? You'll be able to find out more when this downtown Lubbock business opens its doors. They told us they're aiming to open in April.

I love Downtown Lubbock. It's so charming, historic and fun. And I'm very happy to see that Sabashjenn's is moving into the area. Not everything there needs to be a bar. Variety will be the key to downtown's success.

You can keep updated on Sabashjenn's progress by liking their Facebook page.

*This blog originally said  Sabashjenn's

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