While my radio name is Dr. Dave, I'm not actually a medical doctor. But I do know what makes me feel better.

I started taking American Shaman of Lubbock's tasty CBD-infused gummies a couple weeks ago to help with my sleep. I've been taking melatonin for the past two years, but heard that CBD products could also make a difference.

I asked Jennifer Diaz, owner of American Shaman of Lubbock, what she'd recommend for someone like me. The CBD gummies was her quick answer.

I noticed a difference in my sleeping pattern immediately. I got a better night's sleep and now feel more rested when it comes time each weekday for my morning show on Awesome 98.

According to American Shaman's website, in addition to enhancing sleep, CBD gummies may also "help provide relief from mild pain or discomfort, provide positive mental support, and help improve mood."

What I also loved about American Shaman CBD was their knowledge of their products and their professional approach to helping find a product that works for me.

If you're interested in trying out the CBD gummies yourself or have any questions about CBD products in general, swing by their store at 3408 82nd Street or visit their website.

American Shaman of Lubbock
American Shaman of Lubbock

This post is sponsored by American Shaman of Lubbock. To learn more about CBD products, visit their official website.

Consult with your health care professional prior to implementing CBD gummies or any CBD products into your daily routine.

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