If you missed the Texas Tech portion of Big 12 Media Days, then you missed Dylan Cantrell pulling a couple of pranks on his teammates.

The senior wide receiver was mic'd up the entire day and it was nothing short of entertaining. Cantrell was caught on tape hosting an awkward segment with fellow receiver Keke Coutee, getting asked who the ugliest person on the team is and prank calling safety Jah'Shawn Johnson.

Cantrell called Johnson from two tables down using the alias Tony Magnum from 4372 Sports. Cantrell started the call by calling Jah'Shawn 'Jason' (instead of Jah'Shawn) within the first few sentences. It didn't stop there as Cantrell then went on to ask about the outlook of the receiving core and how Johnson will do individually, even though Johnson plays on the opposite side of the ball for the Red Raiders.

The questions then took to asking about best dancer on the team to even the teammate with the best body, to which Johnson surprisingly replied, "Dylan Cantrell".

After fist pumping and asking a few more questions, Cantrell decided to let Jah'Shawn know who he was talking to by simply saying, "look to your left" letting Johnson know that Tony Magnum was just his buddy Dylan Cantrell among the laughs from the people in on the prank.

I would like to just put a live mic on Cantrell the whole season and to see what would happen and what he could come up with during that time.

Hopefully this won't be the last time we hear from Tony Magnum in 2017.

Highlights from the 2016 Texas Tech Football Season

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