Jesse Plemons is now an Emmy nominated actor for his role in and episode of the Black Mirror series titled USS CallisterBut did you know that Jesse went to Texas Tech? Well, he did, sort of.

Jesse Plemons is an actor you probably know. His list of acting credentials includes Varsity Blues, Friday Night Lights (which is about west Texas football), Battleship, Black Mass with Johnny Depp, Game Night, American Made with Tom Cruise, Breaking Bad, and many more!

So how is Jesse connected to Texas Tech? Well he graduated from our school. But not from college. He actually got his high school degree from Tech. Yes Texas Tech has a distance learning online high school program called TTU K-12 at TTUISD. And yes Jesse did come to Lubbock to get his diploma too.

So not only did I learn today that Texas Tech has a K-12 program and you can graduate from high school online, but a famous Hollywood actor has done just that.

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