That's right. The tortilla is as synonymous with Texas Tech football as the Air Raid and it's been around a lot longer. The tortilla has been to so many Texas Tech football games the fight song is now ingrained into it's very nature.

The humble tortilla lends it's versatile body to the Texas Tech football air filling the Jones' atmosphere with the flour based delicacies blotting out the sun and instilling fear into the opponent.

Some opponents put the tortilla in their mouths but quickly realize there mistakes as other schools don't have the refined palate that makes the Texas Tech fight song taste so sweet as it does to Red Raiders.

The next time you load up a taco or burrito and find yourself humming the fight song, you'll know why.

As the fight song says, "We will hit them we will wreck them, right beside some beans and rice."

That's what the student section sings right?

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