I think everyone knows about Tinder, the very popular dating app where you swipe left or right depending on whether you have any interest in the person.

But what about those times when you just want to make strictly platonic friends? Well in Lubbock that can be difficult!

Then Patook is the app for you!

But what makes this app even more awesome is that it has a flirt detector built in.

“The premise of Patook is based on eradicating that problem (Unwanted Flirting). Anything that is even a hint more than strictly platonic is immediately banned. No romantic advances, no flirting/hitting on, no innuendos, no "friends first then we'll see" behaviors. And it's done by an AI that was trained on millions of creepy messages from around the internet. Over 5% of users who tried to join were banned before their first message was even delivered.”

Credit: Patook
Credit: Patook

Wow! And let’s face facts, it is harder to make just friends than it used to be, so this might be a good solution to that problem!

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