Here's an uncomfortable truth: when it comes to Asian food, our neighbor to the north has us beat.

Obviously, Lubbock in better than Amarillo by almost every metric (no shade to my Amarillian friends), but we have Texas Tech; we have the Buddy Holly Hall; we have, you know, at least a couple trees. And while we have many amazing and worthy Asian restaurant favorites, we've been lacking the sheer variety that Amarillo has.

The tide very well may be turning towards us even on that front, as Mai Thai Kitchen is opening a food truck with Thai favorites that are just a little different from our usual favorites. I am especially excited to try their sticky rice dishes.

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From their Facebook page:

Sticky rice is very filling and easy to eat. It pairs well with our dipping sauces and our chicken. We also offer Sticky rice with our heavenly beef jerky paired with our tomato based dipping sauce. We are excited to be your sticky rice provider in town! We can wait to serve you in the coming weeks.

Sticky rice with beef jerky was my no. 1 go-to dish in Amarillo, but I am thrilled to get it in my hometown. At least Amarillo still has Route 66?

To keep up with where Mai Thai Kitchen will be setting up shop, be sure to follow them on Facebook, where they've been posting absolutely mouth-watering photos of their food, info on giveaways, and more.

Welcome to Lubbock, Mai Thai Kitchen.

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